Types of Brass Fittings and Uses

Most systems which carry alkaline fluids choose brass, brass is a metal which is ductile, attractive metal machinable and are also resistant to corrosion. Brass has Copper, Zinc, Chromium to an extent which makes it rust proof, Lead in brass makes it machinable. Copper, Zinc with a combination of aluminum makes it ductile, even resistant to dezincification which means brass can be used for fittings which can be exposed to a very alkaline environment, which can pass a high degree of Chloride tests. The brass fittings are used in plumbing and transmission of Corrosive chemicals due to it being an alloy of Copper. Brass Fittings with lower percentage of Zinc, Higher percentage of Aluminum and Chromium, is very robust to Corrosion, Oxidation and is always used in environment where the application can fail due to rusting and can be also used in High Pressure environment.

The Brass has excellent Characteristics, they are

1. It is a Non-ferromagnetic material.

2. The Brass is different from other metals, they are easy to recycle.

3. The Brass has a higher Malleability as compared to Zinc or Bronze.

4. It has fascinating acoustic properties suitable to use in Musical Instruments.

5. The Brass has low friction characteristics.

6. It’s a good conductor of heat and conducts 28% of Electricity.

7. The casting of Brass is easy and has almost lower melting point.

8. The Brass is totally resistant to corrosion, also resistant from corroding salt water.

The Applications of the Brass In the Musical Devices:

The Brass being a good malleable and has a sufficient acoustic properties it is well suited for making musical instruments like tubas, French horns, trombones, Trumpets and bells.

In the Industrial Uses:

Unlike the iron, Brass doesn’t create sparks when it is subjected to friction, where sparks can create a fire mishap. Industrial pipes carrying highly inflammable gases and chemicals are fitted with brass valves.

Brass has antibacterial Qualities:

Brass mainly contains copper and Zinc contents which makes it an efficient antibacterial surface. The copper based paints acting as antibacterial are used in painting smaller to larger boat hulls.

In Air conditioning and Heat recovery systems:

Brass is perfectly anti-corrosion and good thermal conductivity, due to which they are used in air conditioning and heat exchangers.

In Ornamental Objects:

Brass looks like gold having attractive shining properties which are used in art, crafts and jewellery. It has been also used in decoration of the house taps, door handles, window handles and furniture fixtures.